15 Common Apple Music Problems and How to Fix Them (2023)

Apple Music is one of the most successful music streaming services on the market. It is used by millions of people around the world. But even the most efficient apps can experience problems from time to time. If you check Apple's support community, you will find many people who are having problems with the Apple Music app. This guide is designed to help you find your way out.

Apple Music Problems and Solutions

1# Excessive battery drain

You can go to sleep with your iPhone fully charged, but wake up with only a quarter of its battery left. iOS 13.5.1 and 13.6 had this issue. Background app activity could be the cause of this as many complain that their phone battery drains a lot even when not in use. To check if this is the case, go to your phone's SETTINGS. From there, scroll down to BATTERY. There you can see how much battery Apple Music is using. If you see an hour of battery usage with no corresponding usage, there is an issue that needs to be fixed.


  • Switch to LOW POWER MODE.
  • Close all applications not in use.
  • Restart your phone after forcibly shutting it down.
  • Force close the app
  • Go to settings. From there, click on GENERAL and then click on BACKGROUND APP UPDATE. From there, find unused apps and disable BACKGROUND APP UPDATE for Apple Music.
  • Try doing a FACTORY RESET in your iPhone settings. To do this, go to SETTINGS and click on GENERAL. From there, go to RESET and then RESET ALL SETTINGS.

15 Common Apple Music Problems and How to Fix Them (1)

2# The library is not loaded

Several users have said that Apple Music crashes when loading their library. This problem usually occurs after an iOS update. The app may also fail to load music after restoring a backup to a new iPhone.

First, make sure your device is connected to the internet. Certain sections of the Apple Music library cannot be accessed without an internet connection. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi or mobile data and see if anything changes. You need an internet connection to access features like FOR YOU, BROWSE and RADIO. In case it still doesn't work, you should try the possible solutions.


  • Check your network strength. If the signal is weak, try changing locations.
  • Turns FLIGHT MODE on and off.
  • Reauthorize your computer in iTunes with the Apple ID associated with your Apple Music subscription.
  • Log out and log in again with your APPLE ID. Make sure you are using the Apple ID associated with your subscription.
  • Connect to a stronger Wi-Fi network.
  • Reset network settings on your device.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Restart the app after force quitting.

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3# The songs do not play on the iPhone

For many users, songs won't play on iPhone after iOS 11 and iOS 12 updates.

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  • Reinicie Apple Music.
  • Reinstall the app on your iPhone.
  • Force close the app and restart your phone.
  • Turn on AIRPLANE MODE and turn off after 2 minutes.
  • Reset Network Settings. Go to SETTINGS and then GENERAL. From there, tap RESET and then RESET SETTINGS.

15 Common Apple Music Problems and How to Fix Them (2)

  • Make sure your phone has enough storage space to run Apple Music and save more songs.
  • If none of that helps, reset your phone to default settings.

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4# The music of your choice is not available

Some of the most common issues reported by users are “This song cannot be played right now”, “Apple Music item is not available” and similar pop-ups. One of the possible reasons is that your iCloud music library is not connected. On the other hand, music may not be available where you live. If not, you can try possible solutions to resolve your issue.


  • If your iCloud Music Library is OFF, turn it on. If it is already on, try turning it off and on again. If you are using an iOS device, go to SETTINGS. Scroll down to MUSIC and then SYNC LIBRARY. There you will see the iCloud Music Library.
  • Sign out and sign in again with your Apple ID. For iOS users, go to SETTINGS, then iTunes and APP STORE. Tap Sign Out, wait 2 minutes, then sign in again. For iTunes users, go directly to your account, sign out, wait 2 minutes and sign in again.
  • Since some songs are only available in certain countries, please change your location. To do this, go to SETTINGS. In iTunes AND APP STORE, click on your Apple ID. Select SHOW APPLE ID. From there, select COUNTRY/REGION and change your location.
  • Delete the song you can't play and redownload it from the Apple Music catalogue. This works for iOS and iTunes users.
  • Authorize your computer again.

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5# Apple Music not working on Android

Apple Music for Android has always received mixed reviews. The most reported issue so far is songs not playing in the app on Android. Issues such as app crashes, music not playing after a track, and others are common.


  • Update your Android phone's software. Make sure the version you are using is 4.3 or newer. Older models do not support Apple Music.
  • Make sure the version of Apple Music you are using is the latest one.
  • Clear the cache. To do this, go to SETTINGS and scroll down to APPS & NOTIFICATIONS. Select APPLE MUSIC and CLEAR CACHE under MEMORY.

15 Common Apple Music Problems and How to Fix Them (3)

  • Sign out and sign in again with your Apple ID.
  • Reinstall the app.

6# Damn with CarPlay

When it was released via CarPlay, several users complained that Apple Music kept crashing. This was more common in iOS 14.5.1.

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  • Disconnect your device and launch Apple Music as the issue only seemed to occur when connected to the internet.
  • Affected users can also try tapping the FLIGHT MODE button in the Control Center. All connections are closed and CarPlay can reconnect. This allows Apple Music to connect even in offline mode and ensures it starts smoothly.

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7# Songs don't play offline

Downloaded songs sometimes only play when your device is connected to the internet. Once offline, songs will not be played.


  • Sign out and sign in again with your Apple ID. Remember that you will have to re-download the songs you have already downloaded. That should resolve the issue.
  • Reset all settings or clear app data.

8# Music does not download

If the app doesn't allow you to download music, make sure you have enough storage space. Also, make sure your internet connection is strong and stable.

If you are still unable to download music, try the possible solutions to resolve your issue.


  • Sign out of your Apple ID in iTunes and sign in again later.
  • Remove all tracks with this issue from your library. Find them and add them to your playlist again. Try to download it now.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Go to settings. From there, scroll down to MUSIC and turn off iCloud Music Library. Now restart your device and enable iCloud Music Library.

9# Apple Music keeps skipping songs

Users sometimes face this issue where the app plays half of the song and skips to the next track by itself.


  • Check if you can play the song in your library or if it's available. If the music is grayed out, you won't be able to access it.
  • Turn iCloud Music Library off and on again. Manually download your songs now.
  • Make sure your app has access to Wi-Fi or mobile data in case you stream music from the platform instead of using downloaded ones.

10# songs will no longer play randomly

After the latest iOS updates, the music suddenly stops playing for many. It can be in the middle of the song or stop after the end, but you have to skip to the next song manually.


  • If you stream online from the platform, try to download some songs and play them offline.
  • Delete songs that simply stop playing and manually add them to your Apple Music library.
  • Force close the app and run it again.
  • Factory reset your phone and restore from backup.

11 # Missing Apple Music Library

Note that songs will only disappear if the app is deleted from your phone, iCloud Music Library is turned off, or Show Apple Music is turned off.

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  • If you have reinstalled the app, you will need to manually download the songs again.
  • Go to settings. Scroll down to MUSIC and make sure SHOW APPLE MUSIC is on.

15 Common Apple Music Problems and How to Fix Them (4)

  • Confirm that iCloud Music Library is turned on.

12# Apple Music freezes and crashes

Any app that freezes or crashes can be brought back to life with a few simple fixes.


    • Sign out of your Apple ID and sign in again.
    • Update the app to the latest version if it isn't already.
    • Restart the application.
    • Restart your phone.

13 # Summary of errors

Sometimes, you may get Apple Music error messages and you may not know what to do with them. The error messages you may receive are:

      • Apple Music Error 12893
      • Sounds like you're listening on a different device
      • Apple Music Error 42587
      • The media format is not supported
      • Apple Music 503 iCloud connection error


    • Force close Apple Music and restart it.
    • Make sure you are using the latest version of the app.
    • Clear app cache.
    • Turn off your mobile. Wait a minute and start again.
    • Sign out of your Apple ID and sign in again.

14# Unable to add a song or playlist to iCloud Music Library

After subscribing to Apple Music, you can add your favorite tracks to your iCloud Music Library. This way, you can also access the music through all your authorized devices. However, there might be some compatibility issues and bugs with certain tracks that don't allow you to add them to your iCloud Music Library.

The error messages you may receive are:

    • This item wasn't added to your iCloud Music Library because an error occurred

If the song you are playing has an exclamation mark (!) next to it, you will get this error. This means that the original file cannot be found. It has been removed or moved. You can fix this by adding the original track back to the local folder, or you can remove it from your library and manually add it back.

    • This playlist cannot be loaded because it contains other track media types that are not eligible.

There is a specific way to add songs to iCloud Music Library. You absolutely cannot add files larger than 200MB. Low quality files, ie 96 Kbps or less, cannot be added. Also, you cannot load music purchased with a different Apple ID. You also cannot upload a file that is older than 2 hours.

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    • Make sure the music you want to upload is suitable for uploading to iCloud Music Library.
    • Try creating a new playlist if the song can load but still gives an error. Copy all the songs from the playlist that have errors and paste them into the newly created playlist. Delete the old playlist and name/rename the new one.

15# Apple Music Delete Downloaded Songs

Unfortunately, Apple Music ends up deleting some of your downloaded songs, but you can prevent Apple from doing this by being careful with your enabled settings and following a few simple steps. iOS users, if you have OPTIMIZED STORAGE enabled in the Music app settings, songs you haven't played in a while will be automatically deleted. This is done to free up music storage and may prevent Apple from doing this again.


If you are a PC user

      • First deauthorize your computer and then authorize it again.
      • Download deleted songs again
      • Now go to FILE in iTunes. From there, tap LIBRARY and select UPDATE MUSIC LIBRARY from iCloud.

If you are an iOS user

      • Go to settings. From here, click on MUSIC and then click on OPTIMIZE STORAGE. Turn off and go.

We hope this guide has helped you to solve all your queries related to Apple Music app and now you can deal with it easily.

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How do I fix Apple Music issues? ›

The first and foremost thing you need to do is restart Apple Music on your device, which should fix it immediately. Alternatively, you can restart your iPhone or update your device and the Apple Music app to its latest version. If you're an Android device, try logging out and logging in back with your Apple ID.

Is there a problem with Apple Music? ›

All services are operating normally.

How do I fix Apple Music 15 seconds? ›

Sign out iCloud in your device, restart, sign in again to iCloud. Then open Apple Music, sign in and you are done.

What are the weaknesses of Apple Music? ›

Weakness: Price – Apple Music is $10 a month, the same as independent competitors like Spotify. Apple couldn't convince the record labels to let it charge less, but it's real failure could be the refusal to subsidize the subscription fee. At the end of the day, Apple doesn't make money on content a few bucks at a time.

Why does Apple Music keep cutting up? ›

If Apple Music keeps pausing, check your Wi-Fi connection. You may find that the problem isn't with your iPhone or the app, but with an unstable or interrupted connection. To fix it: Reset the router.

How can I improve my Apple Music? ›

How to tailor your Apple Music recommendations to be more accurate
  1. "Loving" songs.
  2. Dislikes & Suggest Less Like This.
  3. Add to Library and playlists.
  4. Turn off Listening History.
  5. A bit about ratings and stars.
Jul 17, 2022

Why does my Apple Music keep saying can't connect? ›

If you see Apple Music's Cannot Connect error, the first thing you should check is Apple's System Status page. The System Status page shows any ongoing server issues with Apple services. If that page indicates there's a problem with Apple Music, you'll need to wait for Apple to fix the problem on its end.

How do I reset Apple Music? ›

To reset your Apple Music library, log into your iCloud account registered on Apple Music. Go into your profile and click Edit Profile. Scroll down and select Delete Profile, and then confirm.

How do I fix Apple Music on my phone? ›

How to Fix Apple Music Not Playing
  1. Check Your Apple Music Subscription. The first thing to do when your Apple Music isn't working is to make sure your Apple Music subscription is active. ...
  2. Restart the App. ...
  3. Check Your Wi-Fi or Network Connection. ...
  4. Check Apple Music's Status. ...
  5. Delete & Re-Add the Song or Album. ...
  6. Update Your iOS.
Jan 24, 2022


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