How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (2023)

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (1)

When I tried to play songs on iTunes before work last Friday, the songs were greyed out and unplayable, which bothered me a lot since the background music helps me focus while I'm working.

As soon as I got home from work, I spent a whole night trying to solve this problem. What I found is that there are several situations that lead to this problem such as: B. Bad network connection, firewall blocking iTunes, songs not available, etc.

For example, if the network connection is bad, the music you haven't downloaded will be greyed out. Even if the firewall prevents iTunes from connecting to the Internet, iTunes songs are displayed in gray text.

Then I tried to distinguish the difference between each problem and close them in three types of situations. Follow me you will get easier solution to fix it. Also, learn how to save faded music from the workaround.

Please answer this question below and go to the appropriate method that suits your needs.

1. Make sure your network is working, go to any website in a browser. If your network is down, go toMethod 1.

2. If your network is working and you subscribe to Apple Music, you can try to play the music on your smartphone.

And if you can play Apple Music music on your phone, go toMethod 2. yes no, seeMethod 3.

3. If your network is working and you're not an Apple Music subscriber, go toMethod 3.

Method 1. Repair your network connection

1. Reset your router and modems

Don't know how to reset them? To readThat's it.

2. Change a VPN

VPN blocks would prevent you from connecting to the internet when using a VPN. You can change another VPN or disable it to see if the network is ok.

Remember to ask your network provider for help if this method cannot help you.

Method 2. Check Apple Music

Apple Music songs also show up in iTunes, so maybe the greyed out songs are not from iTunes but from Apple Music. Let's see what we can do to solve the problems.

1. Check Apple Music status (skip this if you can play most songs)

If all songs are greyed out, you can checkStatus tun System.

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How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (2)

2. Disable explicit constraint

If you come across the "This article cannot be played because it contains explicit content" sign, you need to disable the explicit restriction.

Disable explicit restriction on the iOS device

Unlock your iPhone, open the Settings app. Touchscreen time>Content and Privacy Restrictions, tap the button to the right of Content and Privacy Restrictions.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (3)

Disable explicit restriction on the Android device

This is the easiest way to turn off the restriction. Just delete and reinstall Apple Music.

The normal form is as follows:

First, open the Apple Music app and click the three dots icon in the top-right corner of the screen. so touchIdeas. Scroll down to selectrestrictions>content restrictions.

Second, enter the passcode you set earlier. If you forget it, you need to remove and reinstall Apple Music on your device.

3. Activate the synchronization library

in the windows:

Open iTunes, selectEdit>preferences. On the General tab, select the To check boxiCloud Music Library. (If you can't find it, make sure you're signed in to your iTunes account) and click the buttonACCORDINGLYTaste.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (4)

No Mac (Apple Music):

Start Apple Music, selectMusic>preferenceat the top of the screen. give clickSync library, then select theACCORDINGLYbutton to set the change.

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4. Other possible problems:

Some gray songs on a new albumIt might still be new. just wait for it
Travel to another regionGo back to your region /alternative solution
Artist changes the name of the songSearch for an artist on Apple Music to see if there's a new version of the song
Music is not available on Apple Musicalternative solution

Method 3. Repair your operating system and iTunes

1. Fix your operating system

restart the desktop

If you get this problem accidentally, try restarting the desktop, which will fix many errors.

Update to the latest version of your operating system

In general, the new OS version fixes the problem of the old ones. So look for the latest version or click on the link below to do so.

(Upgrade to Windows,Update the Mac operating system)

Add iTunes to the firewall whitelist

Make sure iTunes is whitelisted in your firewall to allow iTunes to connect to the internet.

Add iTunes to firewall whitelist on PC

First: Click on the magnifying glass icon in the menu bar, type firewall and selectFirewall makes Windows Defender. A pop-up window will appear. Select in the left sidebar of the windowAllow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Second: PressChange settings, scroll down to see the 2 iTunes checkboxes are checked. If not, highlight them and press the buttonACCORDINGLYbutton below.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (5)

Add Apple Music/iTunes to Firewall Whitelist on Mac

First: Click on the Apple icon on the left of the menu bar. Then select thesystem settings. And the System Preferences window will appear. give clicksecurity and privacy>FirewallThen select the lock icon below and enter the username and password.

Second: TenseFirewall Options>Add app, select the Music/iTunes app (if you haven't upgraded to macOS Catalina). give clickAdd toand selectACCORDINGLY.

Disable third-party security software

(Video) Apple: Grayed-out tracks in iTunes library (2 Solutions!!)

Sometimes third-party security software identifies iTunes as an untrusted service and prevents it from using the network.

Turn it off temporarily and open iTunes to check whether the music is still greyed out or not. If you find it works, you can disable security software before playing music from iTunes.

2. Fix iTunes problems

Update to the latest version of iTunes on Mac

If you haveupdated to the latest version of macOS Big Sur, iTunes is not available. You can find your music in the Apple Music app.

If you are unable to update the system, go toAppstore. ChooseTo update, and you will find the update version available on iTunes.

Update to the latest version of iTunes on PC

Open iTunes, clickHelp>Check for updates.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (6)

Authorize your computer again

Occasionally deauthorizing and authorizing your computer will fix some errors.

Open Music on Mac/iTunes on Windows, clickAccount>Permissions>Deauthorize this computer. then clickAccount>Permissions>Authorize this computer.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (7)

Normally, when music copyright holders decide to stop putting songs on Apple Music, the songs are permanently greyed out in iTunes. That means you won't be able to listen to them again unless you look for them on another platform.

To prevent the problem from appearing again, it's a good idea to save them immediately. But it's difficult to do it yourself since most platforms will try to prevent this kind of behavior.

(Video) How to Quickly Fix iTunes Sync Grayed out on Windows

So we need a tool to help. Also, I want the tool to support popular features (such asYoutube,Spotify,sound cloud) and provide us with the highest quality music downloads.

I loaded those thoughts and looked up the tool online. And Musify Music Downloader surprisingly met my needs. It will even help us download the lyrics at the same time (the lyrics will be displayed while the songs are being listened to).

In addition, the download process is very simple:

Step 1: set download format and quality (can be ignored)

Open Musify on desktop and click the gear icon in the top right corner. And you can find format and quality options in 1-click download mode.

if you planPlay these songs on your HiFi MP3 player, you should choose FLAC and get the best quality. However, if you want to play it on multiple devices, you should stick to the standard format - MP3, which is a widely accepted format.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (8)

step 2: Start the download process

First: Copy the (share) link of the album (e.g. Bandcamp).

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (9)

Second: Contact Musify and click the buttonGet URLclick, there is a confirmation window. Make sure the songs are correct and click the Download button.

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (10)

step 3: Opens the location of downloaded music files

When the download process is complete, select thedownloadedEyelash. Then click the folder icon to the right of a song from that album. And the folder with the album will open.

(Video) iTunes Grey Dotted Circle Simple Fix

How to Fix Grayed Out Songs in iTunes in 2023 (11)


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