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As one of the leading music streaming service providers, Apple Music outperforms its competitors and keeps bringing new features and surprises to its users. The team behind your app is commendable. Although Apple Music is a well-established app and has been tested by professional teams, technical issues still persist. And we can't avoid the problem you keep reporting:Apple Music songs greyed out. This problem also seems to occur with iTunes. So why did I make such a claim that this is inevitable? Read on to find out!

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (1)
  • Part 1 Why are some songs grayed out in Apple Music/iTunes?
  • Part 2 How to Fix Faded Songs from Apple Music/iTunes
    • Common fixes for iTunes/Apple Music songs are greyed out
      • Check sync settings
      • download songs again
      • Check the music format
    • 2 fixes for grayed out iTunes songs
      • Check iTunes settings
      • Authorize your computer again
    • 2 fixes for grayed out Apple Music songs
      • Update iOS to the latest version
  • Summary

Part 1 Why are some songs grayed out in Apple Music/iTunes?

The reason why I say that this problem is unavoidable is the most common factor. In most cases, when Apple Music is grayed out, the songs are no longer available in the Apple Music app. Regardless of copyright license or country restrictions, they cannot be reproduced and are grayed out. In addition to the problem of non-availability, there are certainly other factors that influence it. So I will show you all with the following points.

1. Music from Apple Music is not available in the region.

2. Synchronization problem.

3. Some of your songs are in unsupported format or DRM protected.

4. The music files are damaged.

5. Original files missing/deleted by the original author.

All these issues that can cause grayed out issues in iTunes Music or Apple Music have been illustrated here. After discovering the possible reasons, it is time to adapt the remedy to the case. Let's start!

Part 2 How to Fix iTunes/Apple Music Grayed Out

We all know that Apple Music is the app for desktop users mainly on mobile and iTunes. It's reasonable that the workflows and steps are simply different. Therefore, I have divided the fixes into three types: Common fixes are the viable methodsbothApple Music and iTunes, the solutions foritunesthey arefairavailable on the iTunes desktop, and the fixes for Apple Music are those ofNur iPhones. Now just follow the general fixes. If they don't work, contact the classification your devices belong to for help.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (2)

Solution 1 – Check your sync settings (common)

Timing issue is one of the dependent factors that can lead to grayed out issues. On iPhone, you may need to check Apple Music sync settings and turn it on. And if you've deleted songs from your iTunes library, they might appear dimmed when you sync iTunes with iPhone. In this case, you need to sync the library again. Here are the steps:

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Music by Apple:GonnaIdeas>Play music> ligasync library.

Sin itunes:Cliqueto edit> selectIdeas> tagGenerally> Check the iCloud Music Library box.

If you accidentally deleted songs, they may be grayed out. So you have to sync the library again to fix the problem.

1. Remove grayed out songs from iTunes.

2. Update iTunes library and playlists.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a digital cable and just sync your music library again.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (3)
iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (4)

Fix 2 download songs again (common)

If you encounter grayed out issues on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily remove the grayed out tracks and add them back to your music library. To do this, check the methods here:

Music by Apple:

1. Go toIdeason your iPhone and tapGenerally>store>Music.

2. PressureMusic, then touchto editI like it.

3. Toquered iconto delete songs and then download them again.

Sin itunes:

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1. Abraituneson your device and then navigate toitunes storethe above is as shown in the picture.

2. After that, tap on your account and searchboughtPossibility. All the songs you have purchased will appear here.

3. Then choose a grayed out song and re-download it from iTunes.

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Fix 3 Check song format (general)

If Apple Music songs are grayed out and cannot be played, you may need to check the audio formats of the songs. they probably areDRM-protectedand it is this format that prevents us from playing Apple Music. To verify this, open your iTunes music library and right-click on the grayed out songs. Select from drop down menuget information>archive>untilcheck. when it shows"Protected"In addition to being smooth, this means that the music is protected by theDRMCopyright or format not supported. If that's the case, the best way to fix faded Apple Music/iTunes songs is to remove the protective borders from the tracks so they can be played.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (6)

To unlock Apple Music song restrictions, you need this tool:Tunelf audio converter. As an all-in-one converter, Tunelf Audio Converter aims to give people the convenience and joy of streaming audio files without limits. It can handle three main audio filesapple music, iTunes y Audible. Thanks to advanced and innovative technology, Tunelf can download DRM-free audio files and convert these audio files into various popular audio formats likeMP3,FLAC, etc. The most important thing is the quality of the original music andID3 tagsare preserved without loss. And the30xThe conversion speed allows you to convert in batches. Here are the steps to convert Apple Music to your popular target formats.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (7)

Tunelf Audio Converter Key Features

  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and other audio formats
  • Remove DRM from Apple Music, iTunes audios and Audible audiobooks
  • Preserve converted audio with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Supports batch audio format conversion at 30 times faster speed

Paso 1Add iTunes/Apple Songs to Tunelf Program

Before converting, you need to log in Tunelf Audio Converter first. So don't forget to download and install iTunes app on your device. When you start Tunelf, the iTunes application is running at the same time. You can browse your music library and select a song to import into the program by clickingadd filesSymbol.

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iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (8)

paso 2Configure output audio parameters

now you can chooseMP3in the list of audio formats by clicking onFormatbutton below. You can also set the bitrate, sample rate, codec, and channel here for better audio quality. Once you have decided, click the button"OK"button to return to the user interface.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (9)

stage 3Download iTunes/Apple Music as local files

Now is the time to download Apple Music and save it on your PC. click on itConverterand Tunelf Audio Converter will save Apple Music/iTunes songs to your computer in the formats you want. The conversion speed is30xfaster, it takes little time to complete the conversion. Once done, you can find the converted audio files in the previously configured save folder and share them for playback on any device or platform.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (10)

Fix 4 Check iTunes Preferences (iTunes)

there is an attitudeitunesThis can cause iTunes songs to appear grayed out. If the specific setting is enabled, you may need to disable it to resolve the issue. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Open youritunes libraryand navigate to grayed out songs.

2.the right button of the mousein the selected songs and you will find an option that sayscheck selection.

3. Now turn off to see if the songs appear.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (11)

Fix 5 Reauthorize your computer (iTunes)

If iTunes still doesn't appear and play songs normally, this step may be a last resort. You can try to deauthorize your computer and authorize it again. Here's what you can do:

1. Open yourituneslibrary and clicksave not computerin the menu bar.

2. ChooseDeauthorize this computeroption from the dropdown menu and sign out of your iTunes account.

3. After that reboot your device and open iTunes library again and go tosave not computerand enableauthorize this computerPossibility.

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iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (12)

Fix 6 Sign out and sign in Apple ID (Apple Music)

1. Open theIdeasApp in you iPhone, Mac or iPad.

2. ClickiTunes and app storeand then touch your ID.

3. Then touchDeliverI like it.

4. Wait a few seconds and sign in again with your Apple ID. And then the Apple Music sync will be updated.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (13)

Fix 7 Update iOS to the latest version (Apple Music)

An iOS software update is required as the update fixes the bugs and bugs or bugs. Especially when new features are introduced, the professional team will fix the bugs to improve the user experience. When Apple Music songs are grayed out on iPhone, updating the iOS system may be the most efficient way to solve the problem.

now go toIdeasand touchGenerallythen selectSoftware updateto see if there is a new version of iOS available. If so, just touch itdownload and installand follow the instructions on the screen to install it.

iTunes/Apple Songs greyed out? Fixed - Tunelf (14)


AboutiTunes/Apple Music songs greyed outproblem, we have illustrated 7 fixes above that you can check. Remember to backup your playlists before applying the methods in case of unnecessary loss. And to save efforts and get better user experience, it is recommended to downloadTunelf audio converteraid.

Get the product now:

Get the product now:

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