VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (2023)

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VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (1)

To ensure that you are securely connected to the internet and have full access to the online worlds, it is highly recommended to use certain VPN services. This ensures you stay completely hidden from online trackers and protects your devices from vulnerabilities using military-grade encryption services.

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And for those looking for the perfect VPN services, VPN Unlimited lets you enjoy the internet to the fullest without filters with its many standard features and free access. Easily connect to the internet and stay connected to the unblocked internet when using the app.

Learn more about this amazing KeepSolid mobile tool and all its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

That makes?

Here at VPN Unlimited, Android users get the complete VPN app to boost their productivity with an unfiltered internet connection while protecting themselves from many online threats. All you need is to go into the app and enable certain features, the rest is done fully automatically by VPN Unlimited as it configures the settings for you.

Enjoy the simple and easy-to-use mobile app with ideal VPN servers for on the go. Get access to a huge collection of servers from which you can use VPN services in different ways. Discover the uses of many secure VPN protocols to protect your connections from potential attacks. Unblock powerful DNS firewalls to prevent malware from reaching your devices.

Activate the Kill Switch to have better security control over the device. Secure your connections with Trusted Networks Only mode. Customize various application exceptions to change your application approaches. Secure VPN Unlimited with your TouchID. The list goes on.

VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (2)
VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (3)
VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (4)

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Available with the free app onGoogle-App-Store, Android users can enjoy the amazing mobile app VPN Unlimited on all their mobile devices without paying anything. Just get the free app and use its undemanding features to enable VPN networks. Remember that you have to pay for in-app purchases to unlock the full version of VPN Unlimited on your devices.

And to ensure the app's features work properly, you need to give them certain access permissions that they need when you log into the app for the first time. Make sure to consider and accept their requests for the app to be fully functional.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you update your mobile devices with the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 7.0 and above, which will greatly improve app stability and overall system compatibility.

great features

Here are all the cool features the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to use

Right from the start, VPN Unlimited users will feel most comfortable with the mobile app thanks to its intuitive interface and accessible features. Similar toVolarVPNand Guardilla VPN, VPN Unlimited users can use the one-touch connection option to instantly establish their connections to the VPN servers.

Here the app actively chooses the best servers for your connection so you can stay connected to the best servers based on your current locations. Also, you can use the free VPN mode without having to sign up for your account. Just log into the app and work with your guest permissions to access the internet through your VPN connections.


And at the same time, you can subscribe to the app to unlock your free trials that will bring all premium features to your devices. After your free trials have expired, you can still access the free VPN with the right features

Benefit from servers that are ideal for VPN connections

Because VPN Unlimited offers the ideal servers for their VPN connections, mobile users can always find the best VPN servers to stay connected. Take advantage of the ideal servers for your current locations so you can enjoy good connection speeds. Also unblock specific servers with optimal VPN speed, full encryption and more.

Make use of streaming servers where the application gives you access to your favorite entertainment programs and services from different parts of the world. Bypass geo-restrictions for each country with minor issues. Also use VPN networks to run your torrent services without restrictions.

Get your most powerful high-speed servers and super-fast connections when you're in the app. Enjoy unmatched stability while using the app and its robust VPN protocols. Get your absolute online freedom by surfing the web anonymously and with complete anonymity.

Get access to many secure VPN protocols

For those interested, VPN Unlimited users can now explore the many secure VPN protocols, allowing them to take advantage of their many strengths and benefits. Explore the protocol options with ease as OpenVPN, IKEv2, KeepSolid Wise, WireGuard and many other internet protocols are enforced over VPN Unlimited.

Get your DNS firewall to avoid malware infections

And to ensure you stay away from dangerous malware infections, VPN Unlimited allows mobile users to enable its DNS firewall feature. Use the bulletproof solution to intercept your DNS resolver so the app can monitor your online activity and prevent others from exploiting your traffic. And by allowing users to block phishing sites, you can protect yourself from online threats. In addition, it is also possible to block inappropriate content while browsing the web using the application.

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Activate the Kill Switch function to ensure safety

With the Kill Switch feature available, VPN Unlimited users can now fully protect their connections from unsecured internet outages. Now VPN Unlimited will automatically terminate online connections on your devices after any VPN failure to ensure all your important data is not lost. And it will automatically resume your internet once the VPN services are back to normal. This ensures your complete security while using the app.

Always stay connected to trusted networks

For those interested, you can now stay connected to your trusted networks with VPN Unlimited. Don't bother whitelisting your home and private Wi-Fi networks to have VPN services automatically disabled when you use them. Otherwise, VPN Unlimited will be activated automatically as soon as you are connected to a public WiFi network. This option ensures that your personal information and online activities are always protected.

Enable app exceptions to whitelist your apps

Similar to Wi-Fi whitelisting, the App Exceptions feature allows you to select specific apps so they can be used with your normal internet connections. Unblock secured VPN connections for apps and services that need your VPN apps and protections. The flexible switches ensure that you can always enjoy the app to the fullest.

Connect to VPN services through their various networks

For those interested, you can always stay connected to VPN networks no matter where you are or what you use your internet connections for. Here VPN Unlimited supports your mobile data or WiFi connections on the go. However, you can always turn on WiFi-only mode to save your data when using VPN Unlimited to access the internet.

VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (5)
VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (6)
VPN Unlimited MOD APK 9.0.5 (Premium Unlocked) for Android (7)

Protect the application with TouchID or face recognition

To make better use of the mobile app, VPN Unlimited users can secure the app with its TouchID and face recognition features. It only allows you to open the app while others cannot without your permission. Protect your VPN data and internet activity with VPN Unlimited.

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Unlock the premium app for more features

For those who are interested, you can now unblock the premium version of VPN Unlimited to enjoy more features. Start by accessing our 500+ virtual servers so you can stay connected to the unblocked internet anytime, anywhere. Explore 80+ VPN locations around the world so you can freely change your locations while streaming, gaming and enjoying geo-restricted content. Unlock up to 5 devices on your single account so everyone can enjoy KeepSolid's full protection. Enjoy faster speed and more features with the premium app. The list goes on.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

And last but not least, if you are interested in the premium version of VPN Unlimited but don't want to pay for in-app purchases, you can also choose the free version of the app on our website. Here we provide the modded app with ads removed and unlimited features that you can get for free. just download itUnlimited VPN Mod APK, follow the instructions and you're done.

final judgments

Get ready to unblock your internet connection once and for all with this amazing VPN Unlimited mobile app. Now you can stay connected with well-secured hidden VPN tunnels while still having unfiltered access to the online world.


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